Mahurangi College

Angela comes armed with a toolkit for our young woman to navigate the world around them with more self-confidence. Placing greater value from the inside out of beauty. She speaks with a beautiful confidence and knowledge highlighting the falsies of the media and highlighting its manipulation. We held two talks, one for the girls at school and a second one for the parents, both loved it and couldn’t believe the lies that made them feel less than perfect. 

It really fascinates and begs the question – why do we believe them when we know that they sell a false narrative. Her endgame isn’t to derail the beauty industry but to raise media savvy, confident girls that are pretty smart. 

I couldn’t recommend the Pretty Smart talk enough, we will be asking Angela to come back and talk to our school every couple of years.

Chelsea de Berry
Mahurangi College.


Author: Angela Maree Barnett

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