Remuera Intermediate

Pretty was at a mothers & daughters breakfast fundraiser for Remuera Intermediate’s PTA and it was pretty awesome. Here’s the testimony from the amazing organising mamas


Thank you for coming in on Tuesday morning and giving such an entertaining and enlightening presentation on how the media can have such a detrimental effect on girls’ perception of themselves at puberty as well as going forward.

The way you reached out to the girls with images, music and teen speak, all while showing them a way to navigate a world filled with false representations, was incredibly encouraging to me as a mother and to so many of the other mothers (and fathers!) around me. Indeed, the initial feedback we have received on your presentation has been overwhelmingly positive.

Through lightening such a complex topic you have made a wonderfully positive impact on so many people.’

Yours sincerely
Catriona McCallum & Jo Wood
Remuera Intermediate School PTA


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