St Mary’s College

Last year, Pretty Smart was at St. Mary’s College, Auckland talking to the Year 9 cohort. It’s always interesting asking the girls if they’ve ever been teased for how they look (shown in the image). Anyone raising their hand to this question is incredible and I have to resist the urge to race over and hug them for being so courageous – way too uncool for school!

Some feedback’s rolled in from the brilliant Year 9 Dean, Anna McLeod, who did a survey afterwards. Here are a few things the girls learned:

‘Not everything you see is real and there is no wrong size.’

‘To not always believe what you see on social media and to never change the way you look by using Photoshop and other apps.’

‘Don’t comment about how people look in their photos, comment on something nice about what they did.’

‘To understand how important self-love is.’

‘How media portrays women and how illnesses come from trying to change the way you look in order to make others happy.’

‘It was amazing and very interesting.’

A couple of girls asked for more interactivity so that’s a mission for 2019.


Author: Angela Maree Barnett

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