Queen Margaret College

“Angela has been invited to Queen Margaret College twice.  She has an innate ability to make meaningful and relevant connections with her audience in all her presentations.  This really powerful engagement means students from Year 7 – 13 and parents come away with clear understanding and strategies on how to take action themselves.  Each time Angela visits we receive a summary of her messages which we circulate to our student and parent communities.  This further supports the learning from her presentations. We would have Angela back in a heartbeat.”

Rena Day
Head of Middle School
Queen Margaret College

From the parent talk:

Hi Angela! Just wanted to say that I was one of the mums at the QMC talk and loved the talk! I really appreciate what you’re doing. I didn’t expect it to hit me so viscerally– all those years living among advertisements and expectations but I had to hold back tears thinking of all the body image trials my friends and I have gone through in our lifetimes. It’s so sad, really, when I think of the incredible number of hours (years?) wasted worrying about looks. It does make me wonder how my life might’ve been different if my friends and I had your talk in middle school! Thanks again for doing what you do and making such a positive change in my daughter’s life!

Parent from QMC


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